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Who is Dmitry Spiros?

Artist Dmitry Spiros creates his paintings using a palette knife, oil and acrylic and continue each year attracts more and more attention. He is one of the most popular contemporary artists. Paintings of Dmitry Spiros are purchased by collectors and people who appreciate art and want to make an investment, because he is undoubtedly one of the most popular contemporary artists.

How can I contact Dmitry Spiros?

Here ways to contact me :

dmitryspiros@yahoo.com and dmitryspiros@gmail.com

Cancun Phone ( office) - 52 - 1 - 998 - 183 - 9196

( From 10 am to 5 pm Central Time , Monday through Friday),

please call this number if you need support for Russian and Spanish.

What are you selling?

I sell original paintings, also I paint a repeat of my paintings which have already been sold, also paintings to order and giclees .

Your paintings will be stretched with sides painted and ready to hang and decorate your interior.

Information on stretched canvas and delivery

Shipping IS FREE to any place in the world.

Free shipping of stretched paintings only to USA , Canada and Mexico and up to size 30"x40".

Shipping of larger size painting than 30"X40" stretched would require additional shipping fees. Please ask about the fees, they vary by size of painting and destination.

Shipping of stretched paintings outside North America requires additional shipping fees. The fee depends on the size of painting and country of destination. Australia has restrictions on importing wood, we recommend Australians not to select stretching. Please ask about the additional shipping fees for stretched paintings to your country. If you purchased stretching for aninternational shipment, we will contact you with the needed aditcional shipping fees. 

How long does it take to get my picture?

I guarantee delivery within 30 days from the date of payment. If you need paintings faster, I can provide fast delivery on request. Express the cost depends on the number of purchased paintings and destination .

Where would you send a paintings?
I send anywhere in the world where there are post offices : UPS or DHL.
How much is shipping cost?
Shipping is free anywhere in the world. I guarantee delivery of less than 30 days. If you need express shipping, email me. Rates vary from destination, the size and weight of the package.

You can send a picture of a gift recipient?

I will ship a paintings to any address you specify, as well as attach a certificate of authenticity of the painting.
Artist Dmitry Spiros reserves the right to cancel the order and make a refund without any notice for reasons of gross or disrespectful treatment.
My main goal - Customer Satisfaction and I work with yours to solve any of your question about the paintings and its delivery.
Can you make a picture of a large size?
Yes I can. I'll do a paintings with dimensions that you provide me.

Painting arrived broken or damaged, what should I do?

You contact me and inform me of the damaged painting. I will send you a replacement as soon as possible, or refund your money.

I want to exchange or return the painting, how is it possible?

You have 6 days from delivery date to return the painting for a refund or 14 days to return for exchange or credit for future purchases. In case of exchange or refund, you must cover all shipping. Money will be returned to your credit card or paypal. Shipping is not refundable if the postage was paid.

Is there a minimum age registration?

You must be at least 18 years old to register on spirosart.com. If you are a minor and you want to purchase, please have your parents send us an e-mail that they give you permission to buy.

The Stretched painting became saggy. What can I do?

Canvas can be sagging due to changes in temperature and humidity. It is possible to easily fix by spraying water onto the entire surface on the back side of the picture. Use spray water.

$ 20 registration discount :

After registration on the website spirosart.com you will have an additional discount of $20 on any painting which you have ordered.
Blog Dmitry Spiros

Blog Dmitry Spiros