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New painting "Romantic  Sunset", 100cm x 70cm, october. 2016

Sailboat at sunset, a painting in warm tones, clear turquoise water reflected the last rays of the sun. Feeling the water splash and the romance of the evening.


New painting "Rustle of the sea wind", 115cm x 70cm, october. 2016

Beautiful sunset on the sea in warm tones and turquoise sea. A sense of calm and the smell of the caressing wind from the sea.


New painting "Blooming water lilies", 80cm x 80cm (32" x 32"), october. 2016

The beauty of the evening light, pond with water lilies fills the picture of elegance, the blue tones add a depth of feeling in the picture. Bold textured brushstrokes convey energy and mood in the painting.




Packing the paintings takes a time and you must have experience because this process requires accuracy and caution so that the painting at the time of delivery will not be damaged.
  • The painting is Packed in a cardboard box.

  • Each certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork.

  • The certificate is signed by Dmitry Spiros.

Paintings are packaged with care in polifon material protects the painting surface from damage.

Cardboard box cut to the size of the picture

Then the paintings is placed in a box and wrapped with several layers of cardboard.

The painting Packed and ready for sending by UPS or FEDEX.




En el proceso de creación de una nueva pintura.

In the process of creating new paintings.



New painting "FLOWERS IN BLUE"

Succulent colors in blue tone it's like a dance of colors in this picture. Emotional brushstrokes show the movement and expression of mood.



October 2014 - Add new VIDEO: 



November 2014 - Add new video - PARIS PAINTING



november 2014 - Create 8 new paintings.

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Blog Dmitry Spiros

Blog Dmitry Spiros